Jim Winstead Jr.



Raw Materials Art Supplies, Los Angeles, CA. Founder/CEO. June 2008-December 2023. Raw Materials Art Supplies is an art supplies store in the Downtown Los Angeles. Responsible for day-to-day operations of the store, including buying, bookkeeping, and developing our open source point-of-sale/ecommerce software, ScatPOS.
  Oracle Corporation (formerly Sun Microsystems, Inc. and MySQL Inc.), Los Angeles, CA. Senior Software Engineer. January 2006-June 2010. Responsible for developing and maintaining several MySQL Connector products, including Connector/ODBC and Connector/C. Maintenance Engineer. January 2005-January 2006. Responsible for fixing bugs and implementing features for the MySQL database server. Lead Web Programmer. June 2002-January 2005. Led team of programmers and external contractors in development of company's public web presence and internal web-based tools, including two major redesigns of the main public site.
  blo.gs, Los Angeles, CA. Founder. December 2002-June 2005. Started web service that grew to track updates on over twelve million blogs, had over ten thousand users, and passed along data to about ten other blog-related web services and search engines. Acquired by Yahoo.
  HomePage.com, Los Angeles, CA. Lead Programmer. July 1999-October 2000. Led team of programmers in developing a brandable free website hosting service using the Apache web server and mod_perl. Integrated the service with third-party web applications (such as webmail, news headlines, and statistics processing) and customer websites (including ICQ.com, About.com, and AltaVista.com). Also worked closely with the system administration staff in diagnosing and fixing problems (hardware, software, and network-related).
  Knowledge Adventure, Glendale, CA. Lead Applications Programmer. March 1997-November 1998. Lead programmer on Dr. Brain Thinking Games: IQ Adventure. Led team of four programmers in implementing an isometric adventure game for kids with an online multiplayer component in C++. Internet Programmer. September 1996-March 1997. Helped specify and implement redesign of corporate website including web-based games, an online encyclopedia for kids, and an online store in Perl and PHP. Applications Programmer. June 1995-September 1996. Responsibilities included programming for Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair using a proprietary multimedia scripting language.
  Octel Communications Corporation (HMC Clinic program). Fall 1994-May 1995. Designed and prototyped software in Visual Basic to aid in the translation of voice mail prompting system into foreign languages based on both existing system software and systems under development at Octel.
  Office of College Relations, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA. May 1993-June 1995. Intern. Responsibilities included editing, designing, and writing for major campus publications. Developed prototypes of online versions of several major campus publications.
  Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA. January 1994-May 1995. Student Teacher. Assisted beginning students in a multi-image production course. Responsibilities included giving classroom and individual instruction, helping to develop the course syllabus, administration of Macintosh systems, and processing color, black and white, and lithographic slide film.
  Star Payphones, Inc., Minnetonka, MN. September 1989-November 1994. Implemented small office network using LANtastic, developed database applications in FoxPro (DOS and Windows), and integrated variety of communications programs for use in data collection and transmission.


Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA. Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Government, May 1995. Course work included UNIX system administration, operating systems, networking, software engineering, computer graphics, computer architecture, programming languages, algorithms, and scientific computing.


Apache Software Foundation, Emeritus Member. PHP Group, Member.

Honors and

HMC Community Service Award (1995). Dean's List (Fall 1994). Founding Editor-in-Chief, HMC Compass, (1992-94). National Merit Scholar.

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